Lawrence Schiller and George Kennedy – Homosexuality In The American Male

Prepare to get triggered tumblr scum!

Homosexuality In The American Male is an album by Lawrence Schiller and George Kennedy that was released on the label Probe in 1967. This release actually is not music, because it was made with the intention of being a documentary with no musical merit. But, oddballs like myself still like listening to it as if it were music, and it was released on vinyl, so posting this anyway!

This release is a documentary, and it very much reminds of me Buyer’s Market by Peter Sotos. The album is full of dialogue samples of gay men talking about their experiences and straight men talking about how being gay is bad. There is also a narrator who appears throughout the albums, in between every recording, but the recordings are where the album really shines. This album is also hilarious due to how non-politically correct it is. I’m anti-politcal correctness so I really had a fun time listening to this album. It constantly calls gay men “homophiles”, sick, disturbed, sinful, and so on. At one point it even calls them fags, which made me laugh. This album treats homosexuality as an illness and is full of interesting dialogue recordings.

Check out this album here


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