Ulrich Schnauss ‎- Far Away Trains Passing By

Far Away Trains Passing By is an album by Ulrich Schnauss ‎that was released in 2001 on the label City Centre Offices. It was later re-released in 2005 on the label Domino USA with a bonus CD that has a full-length of bonus tracks on it. This review is for the 2005 version. This album is IDM.

I’ve been obsessed with this album ever since I heard back in middle school. The compositions on this album are crazy good. Ulrich Schnauss is incredibly good at making happy uplifting IDM melodies. The melodies sound so joyful but don’t over-do it which only deepens their sincerity. The melodies are accompanied by awesome bass that plays along the synths which sounds awesome and helps push the full effect. These tracks sound like the soundtracks for happy days and being outside.

There are also some more serious sounding tracks on this album too. These tracks are also really good and have a different vibe but a very similar sound to the other tracks. There is also some usage of vocals in a few tracks on the bonus disc, but only one track has actual vocals, but even so they’re used more as an accent, another layer of sound in the beautiful harmony.

Listen to this awesome album here


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