Aäkon Këëtrëh – The Dark Winter

The Dark Winter is an album by Aäkon Këëtrëh that was self-released in 1997. This album is black ambient.

This is a really awesome album and one of my favorite black ambient albums, one of my favorite ambient albums in general. For those who don’t know, black ambient is like if black metal and dark ambient had a baby. The genre can sometimes get rather experimental and its not to be confused with dark ambient which is different.

This album has a great diversity to it yet all the tracks totally work with and compliment eachother. The guitar ranges from slow repetitive strumming, to rather ambient riffs (sometimes in very non-black metal melodies), black metal riffs, and more guitar stuff (sometimes in non-black metal melodies). The usage of the varying melody styles is really cool, especially when he can make even the not as dark melodies sound dark.

The vocals are mostly really soft in this. Slow ghostly singing that becomes an ethereal sonic shroud around the guitar. There is also very softly and quietly spoken vocals and black metal shrieks too. The album is really slow and has such an awesome atmosphere. The release also has zero percussion too, even in the tracks which are much more noticeably black metal related never fully develop into full-on black metal.

This is a really awesome album, listen to it here


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