Русская Балетная Труппа – シンクーム

シンクーム is an EP by Русская Балетная Труппа (aka ロシアバレエ団) that was released on the label ナゴムレコード in 1986. This EP is new wave. Also, the band’s name might cause some confusion but they are from Japan.

This is an awesome new wave EP. Lots of new wave either leans more towards an electronic sound or more towards a rock sound, this band is more towards a rock sound. The compositions in this are really nice and have lots of different melodies that clash, some of which are non-traditional of the genre. The mashup of different melodies and styles creates an awesome and distinct sound but still stays very new wave. The vocals and bass are both in a very new wave way.

Listen to this awesome album here


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