Boat Club – Caught The Breeze

Caught The Breeze is an by Boat Club that was released on the label Luxury in 2007. The best way I can describe/label this album is, Tropical Post-Rock Indie Synthpop. That name of course sounds ridiculous but that is seriously the best way to identify it.

This is an awesome album. The compositions have lots of post-rock guitar, but the guitar is like a hybrid of post-rock and synth-pop, melody wise. There is of course lots of synths too that create a nice atmosphere and backing to the guitar. The vocals they do are awesome too, calm slow singing that really goes with everything else creating a really nice sound. The percussion is like house drums but then with tons of tropical hand drumming with it. This is also one of my main go to albums for when its a really hot sunny day.

Listen for free and purchase here


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