Caldara – A Moog Mass

A Moog Mass is an album by Caldara (aka Caldera) that was released in 1970 on the label Kama Sutra. This album is a mix of moog music, religious classical stuff, and ambient.

The compositions in this album are very heavy into the classical side. The moogs in the album not only emulate various instrument but even singing. The “singing” is like a mix of some weird deformed proto-Vocaloid mixed with the KK dog from the Animal Crossing games mixed with when you hear non-existent vocals in a synth lead, so in short, it sounds pretty cool. This is also accompanied by a harpsichord. The vibe of the songs is very regal and it really creates an ideal setting in your head for where it should be playing. Also, the cover is awesome, Jesus but with the crown of thorns being patch cables, too cool~!

Listen to this awesome album here


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