Apogee & Perigee – 超時空コロダスタン旅行記

超時空コロダスタン旅行記 is an album by Apogee & Perigee that was released on Yen Records in 1984. This album is J-pop and new wave. Its also a project Jun Togawa, who I’ve posted about before.

This album is seemingly supposed to be sung by the two robots on the cover. Because of this the tracks sometimes get in a duet kind of thing. This is a really cool album because it mixes elements from J-pop and new wave together to create something really awesome. Sometimes it sounds more like a J-pop song but then with new wave vocals and nuances. Sometimes it goes in a much more new wave direction. The vibe of this album is really fun and light-hearted. I really like the type of happy new wave Japan did in the 80s.

Listen to this awesome album here


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