Apator – Masturbate In Praise Of Black Satan

Masturbate in Praise of Black Satan
Masturbate In Praise Of Black Satan is an album by Apator that was self-released in 1992. This album is experimental spoken word. It is also Satanic, considering I’m a Christian I probably shouldn’t be promoting this type of stuff, but whatevs~

This is a really cool album. The album has zero instruments, zero melodies, zero noise, zero percussion, none of that stuff. It entirely consists of vocals and silence. The silence is actually accompanied by a very quiet mic (or tape player?) fuzz. Every track consists of either saying the title or a part of the title (“Satan” for example) repeatedly. What makes this cooler is that each lyric is actually only said once, then he just looped it over silence. There’s also a good amount of silence between each time the vocals are muttered. The vocals are also pitched down and sound demonic. They can sometimes be pretty hard to decipher too, even if the entire album consists of just vocals. The album is very repetitive and despite the sonic limitations its able to create a nice trance.

Listen to this awesome album below

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