The Angling Loser – Arena Of Apprehension

Arena Of Apprehension is an album by The Angling Loser that was released in 2016 (yesterday actually) on the label txt recordings. This album is ambient.

This albums sounds very melancholic and sad. The album heavily consists of acoustic guitar and piano, both sometimes mildly edited with a computer/effects. Accompanying these are lots of nature field recordings (mostly birds, wind, and water), slow synths, and every one and awhile some short clips of dialogue about fishing. The melodies on this are really good and the album is mixed and mastered really well. It easily pulls you into the soundscape that it creates.

While I was pulled into the album’s grasp it had me thinking about fishing and life. People fish for hours, all day, with zero promise they will catch anything. Yet, people do this anyways and see enjoyment in it. Is it the hope that they will catch something? That at any moment the serenity will be broken by a jerk on the line? Spending time in nature? Idly passing time? Making time seem to last longer so life seems to last longer? What if the aspects of fishing are applied to other things in life? Like writing this blog? Going on walks? Watching TV? Playing games? Is everything we do for enjoyment solely for the purpose of passing time until we die?

Anyways, this is an awesome album, listen for free and purchase here


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