Force Publique Congo ‎- Civil War Follows Colonization: Investment 2

Civil War Follows Colonization: Investment 2 is an EP by Force Publique Congo that was released on the label Hospital Productions in 2011. The genre for this is power electronics.

The EP consists of two tracks, both a few minutes long each. The first track sounds like a political protester ranting over distorted static. The noise aspect sounds like walkietalkie static combined with a crackling fire then distorted a ton through a series of pedals. The vocals hold a slightly lower sonic space than the crackly noise, making the vocalist sound farther from the listener. This creates an interesting vibe, like loud tanks driving past you with a protester ranting on a damaged megaphone in the distance.

The second track is more noisy than the first one. Distorted noise and screeches with a nice raw sound. The noise is accompanied by edited speech samples (?) and what sounds like gunfire hidden underneath and within all of the noise. Like soldiers hiding in a loud chaotic environment stealthily shooting at you.

This is an awesome EP, listen to it here


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