Racist Music: Why I Listen To It And Why There Is Nothing Wrong With Enjoying It


Some of the followers and newcomers of this blog may wonder why I listen to and post racist music, especially considering that I’m not racist at all. I have only briefly explined myself in a few posts. I’m writing this post to give a better explanation, my thoughts on racist music, and something to link to when I do post racist music.

One of the big things that interests me about racist music is how overlooked it is. So many people try to avoid racist music all together and the ones that are exposed to it are quick to claim “fuck this racist shit, it sounds like crap!” without even listening to it (to those that say this, the theme doesn’t effect the sound). Because so many people try to avoid or hate racist music just because its racist makes racist genres, bands, musicians, collectives, etc. get very little listeners from non-racist audiences. This piques my interest for a few reasons:

• The music is more obscure due to the limited audience
• I love exploring overlooked music
• It can give a look into a bizarre sub-culture of white pride and racism, which is interesting
• By default it supplies me with more content to post, I try my best to have as many posts be something new to you and not something you already listen to

Also, whether you listen to racist music or not, there is no denying the passion put in the music. Even if its extremely hateful and doesn’t make any sense, its still passion, and it shows through the music. I’m not talking about really amazing and inventive song writing and masters of instruments, but when there is passion behind a song it gives it a special vibe. It doesn’t matter if its something racist or not, if its a black metal album with a 100% rating on Metal Archives or a 1% rating, when passion is there I can feel it, and it creates a good vibe in the music.

Another reason is that for an unknown reason I just enjoy the aesthetic racist music often has.

If you’re one of those people who avoids or hates racist music just because its racist here is a message for you:

• You may be being a hypocrite so why not just enjoy the music. Some musicians you enjoy may be racists and even have racist material that you just decide to overlook because “the rest of their material is fine” or you even listen to the racist songs and don’t care. Or you listen to stuff that is equally hateful and violent towards other groups, Christians for example. Anti-Christian music and racist music is literally the same idea, just towards different groups.
• You don’t have to be racist to enjoy racist music. I’m not racist at all, I’m actually so far from being racist and judgemental that I don’t even judge racists for being racist. Life is much more fun if you don’t get offended by stuff, and it greatly opens your musical horizon.



  1. I’ll never understand why listening to Burzum is ok but GBK is out of the question (while Gelal is certainly far more proficient with the guitar and writes far more complex riffs)


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