Midtown Bootboys – Unfinished Business


Unfinished Business is an album by Midtown BootBoys that was released in 1996 on Stormfront Records. This album is RAC, Midtown BootBoys are also one of my favorite RAC bands.

As you may expect from the band name, this band is from The South, Oklahoma to be exact. Their geographical location definitely had an influence on their music, it has a great Southern sound to it. This album also has the kind of sound/vibe that I prefer RAC to have. Lots of the melodies sound upbeat, oddly happy, and dare I say, sometimes resembles the King Of The Hill theme song. I love the juxtaposition of the happy melodies and the extremely hateful lyrics, this is one of my favorite things about RAC and Midtown BootBoys definitely deliver that. The vocals are in that great gritty voiced punkish style that is expected with the genre. The lyrical themes often consist of white power/white pride, racism, extreme (and completely unwarranted) violence and hate towards blacks, and of course, getting drunk on train tracks and getting in fights.

Listen to this awesome album here
Also check out the new racist music disclaimer thingy-ma-jig. Shows my views on racist music, and also if an employer somehow found this blog they can see I’m not racist! Read it here:


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