ベヘズト в е н е ѕ т Gχ – 出 来 る か ら で す「 d e k i r u k a r a d e s u 」


出 来 る か ら で す「 d e k i r u k a r a d e s u 」 is an EP by ベヘズト в е н е ѕ т Gχ that was released on the label F U T U R E G H O S T 幽 霊 in 2016. This EP is instrumental trap.

Whats interesting about this album is that it uses lots of percussion that isn’t commonly used in trap. The hats are trap but the kicks and snares sound like they belong in a dubstep song. There isn’t all the bass that trap is known for as well. The combination of these things gives the EP a really unique sound. The melodies are mostly done with slow churning synths, greatly modified anime samples, and glitched up anime dialogue samples. Sometimes these glitchy samples seem to replace the hats which helps push the unique sound the EP has. Sometimes, especially with the song, y ū j i n 何 友 情 ?, it sounds like these used an anime episode for the sample material in the beat. Also, the album art has Kuroneko, aka Ruri Gokou, who is my second favorite waifu ♥♥♥♥♥

Listen to tracks and purchase the tape below



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