Аццкая Богородица – Инквизиция


Инквизиция is an album by Аццкая Богородица that was released in 2011 on the label Popsakal, but it was apparently made in 2008. This album is a mix of noisecore (a genre of grindcore) and raw black metal. The band seems to be Christian too, making it Christian raw black metal noisecore. But they are anti-Catholic (but so are a bunch of Christian denominations, look at the pilgrims).

This album is very aggressive sounding and very awesome. The vocals are all frantic screaming. The melodies range between noisecore type stuff (like rubbing a cheese grater on a guitar) to black metal melodies. The album has a nice level of rawness to it but still sounds very loud and intense, you can easy decipher all of the instruments. Everything has a good level of distortion too which takes the intensity further. It probably goes without saying but this album is pretty fast too. Also, all the songs are under a minute too, some are just a few seconds.

Listen to and download this awesome album here



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