Kaoru Todoroki – Uncle Calvin’s Private Life


Uncle Calvin’s Private Life is an album by Kaoru Todoroki that was released in 1984 on the label Stratosphere Music. Kaoru Todoroki is one of the most brilliant musicians to have ever existed and was one of the people in one of my absolute favorite bands, Picky Picnic (which I’ve posted about before)

This is one of my absolute favorite albums by one of my absolute favorite musicians. I’m a die hard Kaoru Todoroki and Picky Picnic fan so expect lots of Kaoru worship in this review. The compositions in this album are absolutely brilliant and perfect. He is just as amazing solo as is when working with others on the Picky Picnic stuff, maybe even more so. The songs are full of amazing happy children’s music melodies. They are then often accompanied by singing, which are mostly pitched up and modified to make it sound like a bunch of children singing. This album definitely carries out the same drugged out children’s music sound you would expect with the Picky Picnic stuff. The album is also full of more experimental tracks and elements. There are other tracks that are closer to more traditional ambient as well.

The songs tell a story with each song representing a different part, here is the story:

Uncle Calvin lives in the Renald village.
His hobby is fishing (He likes the relaxing moments).
Clean air, fresh water, beautiful aroma of trees and flowers; he appreciates the nature around him.
Children would tease him, “You better diet”. “Am I too fat?”
He is a painter. Although his pictures don’t sell much, he loves drawing more than anybody.
He often has scary nightmares
In the morning, after having nightmares, he always goes out to the forest.
The children console him when he comes home.
One morning, he found that all of the trees were cut down in the forest.
The birds cried to Calvin for help.
He gathered his courage and sent out his picture on the theme of nature-destruction to exhibition.
The picture won the grand price, but, he was still feeling down…
He spent all of the prize money he won to build a park and forest in the village.
Uncle Calvin still lives in the Ranald Village, and always will.
The End

The songs are so insanely good on this album. They range from a mix of children’s music, new wave, j-pop, and experimental. There are also the more experimental and ambient tracks. There are also songs that sound more soundtrack like, all of these kinds of music and styles really sound good together and represent the story very well.

This album is so damn amazing, brilliant, and flawless. Listen to it here, the uploader put the different story pages for the tracks so its easy to tell what the song is representing.


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