White Hospital ‎- Holocaust


Holocaust is an album by White Hospital that was released in 1984 on Eskimo Records. I love it when experimental albums jump allover the place and this album definitely does that.

This album is mostly ambient, noise, industrial, and power electronics. The ambient stuff is under the subgenre of experimental ambient, which is impossible to define because it varies greatly. In this album the ambient tracks contain synths, various sounds like reversed samples, and speech clips. There is heavy use of organ too which sounds really nice and pretty. Some of these compositions don’t really sound experimental, and that’s one of the things that can make experimental ambient difficult to define. There is also a pretty cool tribal ambient track of rhythmic tribal drumming accompanied by a mix of singing and chanting for the vocals.

The noise on this is good too. Lots of heavily distorted vocals, often yelled and screamed. These are done over a variety of different experimental noise stuffs that often have percussion in them too, sometimes upbeat, sometimes much slower, but it adds a really nice other layer in the recordings. This drumming often gets tribal-esque too. Lots of the music accompanying the vocals isn’t very complex or in your face. This helps the noise and ambient tracks work together and create more of a flow.

This is an awesome album by a mostly underrated band. Thankfully someone just very recently re-uploaded the whole thing to YouTube, so listen below

There has also been re-released versions of this album that contain bonus songs that were not originally on this album.


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