Onomatopeee ‎- あにこあ


Its truly shocking to me how little lolicore I’ve posted on this blog. Lolicore is in my top three favorite genres and is a huge part of my life so I really should talk about it more (especially since I know everything there is to know about the genre). For those who don’t know, lolicore is a genre that started on 4chan in 2006. Common themes in lolicore are lolicon (Wikipedia if not familiar), anime, Japanese culture (mostly otaku stuff), pedophilia, and perversion. The genre also constantly remixes anime openings & j-pop, and samples tons of anime. The genre heavily takes aspects from genres like breakcore, speedcore, gabber, and noise, but other genres as well. A defining characteristic of lolicore is that it has zero level of expected quality. Artists can slap an unedited amen break over an anime sample with some offbeat speedcore and it would be 100% acceptable. Of course many artists do actually put effort in their music.

Now onto the review…
あにこあis an album by Onomatopeee that was released on the label Onomatopia in 2006. Despite this being a very early album in the genre’s existence it is greatly unknown with only more hardcore lolicorers like myself knowing of it. This album is also extremeley good and one of my favorites in the genre.

The album samples tons of anisongs (anime songs) and j-pop songs that are then overlayed with an assault of speedcore, breakcore, and screaming which all almost entirely drown out the samples. I absolutely love Omomatopeee’s style and he has such an awesome, perfect, oldskool sound, well this is very oldskool so of course it does! The addition of the vocals is very unique and further pushes the energy and intensity of the album. The breakcore is awesome too and nice and chaotic. Since this is lolicore, there are songs and parts that are barely edited, if at all, j-pop samples. This stuff sounds awesome too and again, sounds very oldskool. It helps push the happy feel and vibe of the album.

This album was actually released on a CDr, physical releases are very rare in the genre, especially during the time this came out. It is unknown to me if it ever got officially released digitally but I’m putting a download anyways since that’s part of the genres vibe. Onomatopeee is one of the few lolicore artists that are actually from Japan too.

Download and listen below



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