БОГized – Второе Пришествие Богized


Второе Пришествие Богized is an EP by БОГized that was released in 2011 on the label Popsakal, but according to the label it was made is 2004. They are known for their very lofi experimental acoustic rock stuff. This album is a bit different than what they usually put out because it isn’t as acoustic guitar heavy, other aspects are different too. I picked this album because one of the songs on it is my favorite by them.

This release is a mix of experimental, grindcore, raw black metal, noise, and acoustic rock. The EP is lofi and a buzzing is present in lots of the music. The compositions go allover the place and range from really calm to noisy distorted guitar riffs that a mix of black metal and grindcore. Sticking to their roots there are acoustic guitar parts scattered throughout the release. My favorite track on this is, Святые Мощи Серафима Саровского, the third track. Its also my favorite track by them. It sounds very much like something an experimental ambient/new wave Japanese band would put out in the 80s. The song starts with a very circus sounding melody which sounds happy and childish. Its accompanied by singing that mutates into black metal vocals. It then starts going into other genres and its really awesome.

Listen to and download this awesome EP here



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