Update Uguuu

Sorry for posting so little in so long. My computer is totally trashed which makes it very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to type. Lots of keys don’t work and the “S” key likes to work too much, often spamming itself. I recently discovered that using the keyboard on my touch screen significantly helps, but it isn’t always effective against the s barrage. Anyways, I plan on trying to get as many reviews written while it is in its working periods. I try to always have them written in advance but I usually don’t. Posts still may not be daily, there might be some gaps if my computer refuses to type the tags. But hopefully this blog will go back to being daily. I know that it does have a following of people who are just curious and people who actually depend on it for daily, quick, music recommendations. The blog is still getting traffic (yay) so hopefully too much damage isn’t done. I’ll try to get stuff on the other blog too. The posts will continue tomorrow.


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