Macht & Ehre – Herrenrasse

Herrenrasse is an album by Macht & Ehre that was self-released in 1997. Macht & Ehre is a German neo-nazi band that formed in a Berlin prison in 1991. The genre for this is RAC, Rock Against Communism, despite the name the genre is very skinhead / neonazi and is mostly racist and not about communism.

This is mostly a hard rock album with some punk tones. The vocals are pretty cool, they sound like they could go with a metal song. Lots of the music sounds like how one might expect, lots of guitar with a very hateful and menacing vibe. Stuff that carries a good energy and tempo for live shows full of skinhead youth. But then there’s a few tracks that have a totally different atmosphere, ones that sound much softer and actually happy. Its still just as hateful with lyrics that have repeatedly saying “nigger nigger!” which makes the atmosphere of these tracks even more interesting.

This is a great album, listen to it here


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