GUCCI LION 2 is an album by MARCY MANE that was releaed on GOTH MONEY RECORDS in 2016. Genre for this are trap and cloud rap.

Macry Mane (aka TheMFK and MFK Marcy Mane) has a really unique sound and this album showcases it well. His music has a very clean sound with ambient melodies. The melodies, vocal style, and especially the atmosphere, makes the whole album sound as if the music is literally iced out (wearing lots of diamonds). The music somehow sounds shiny and has such a crisp, clean, and unique sound. The music makes me remember when I was on vacation as a kid and it was hella hot. We were walking to this grocery store and when I went in I was hit with this wave of air conditioning, it felt so crisp and cool, especially since air conditioning is rare where I’m from, this album captures that sensation and turns it into music. As you can probably tell by now, the beats on this are really good, same with the vocals; seriously sounds like its coming out of a diamond.

Listen to this excellent album here


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