Floral Of Forever – Ad Infinitum

Ad Infinitum is an EP by Floral Of Forever that was released on an unknown label in 1996. The genres for this are dungeon synth and black metal.

The dungeon synth is very good with very pretty melodies that make me imagine being in the album art, traveling in the night by the guide of the moonlight through a dark forest by a lake. There’s a part which sounds very medieval-y and I could imagine that being you coming up to some little sales cart, partially lit by a single lantern. The music starts gaining percussion as it shifts into black metal. The metal on this is very unique, it uses a cross between dungeon synth and black metal melodies and no guitar or bass, only synth for the melody. This gives the album a very unique sound. The album is mostly instrumental but there are some vocals in the second half.

Listen to this awesome album here


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