Amistad – The Slaveship Of Amistad

The Slaveship Of Amistad is an album by Amistad that was self-released in 2009. This album is NSBM and has a pretty unique theme, slave ships.

This album is very good and has a nice level of expected rawness. The vocals are done in the usual black metal style but his voice sounds very unique to me, it really stands out. There’s also some clean vocals of rather slow singing, I love it when black metal does this. The album is mostly fast and the melodies (done with both guitars and flute) are repetitive and the melodies themselves sound as if they represent the boat going through the ocean, the mindset of the frightened and confused slaves as each day goes on out at sea. This creates a strong vibe in the music. The album closes with a dark ambient/experimental ambient track that sounds like a slave boat. Water, chains rattling, whipping, screaming, people being thrown into the water, this track has a very haunting sound, especially knowing that the actual slave boats probably sounded identical.

This is an awesome album, listen to it here
(Also keep in mind I’m not racist I just think its silly to pass up excellent music because of its theme!)


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