Pornographic Love Machine – Demo 2016

Demo 2016 is an album by Pornographic Love Machine that was self-released in 2016. The genres for this are cybergrind and porngrind.

This is a really good cybergrind album and it lacks the “derpy” sound that lots of cybergrind has. The instruments actually sound pretty convincing. The guitars have a nice level of distortion on them and have a nice heavy sound, they really carry lots of the sonic space in the recordings. The drums range between pretty fast to slower (but still upbeat) tempos, the mix-ups of the different tempos and rhythms of the drums keeps the release exciting. Despite being porngrind there is very few porn samples, the sexual content is mostly just in the titles and on the album cover. The vocals for most of the album sound like a broken car muffler which is awesome, they also very sparingly go into a more screaming/more obvious its vocals style.

Download and listen to this awesome album for free here


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