TRANCE DREAMS is an album by DJ KKOSMO that was self-released in 2016. This album is Eurovapour, a subgenre of Hardvapour. It has a much different aesthetic and sound than its parent genre.

The album has dancy beats/percussion, sometimes different styles of kicks are used than in hardvapour. The melodies and vibes is the most obvious difference. Its much more lighthearted and fun sounding. Its like you took a plane out of some underground rave in a rough part of the Ukraine and went straight to some overly large party (which for some reason has a pool) and the place is full of rich kids who don’t have a care in the world and the DJ is some extremely obnoxious guy slamming back red cups of beer. The melodies are not what you may expect, so don’t go into this expecting melodic or “cheesy” trance leads. The melodies are much more repetitive and more goa or house or something similar, they so to say, build up a trance.

Listen and download for free here


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