VIT – крокодил мрії

крокодил мрії is an album by VIT that was self-released in 2015. The genre of this is hardvapour. I’ve talked about it before but hardvapour is a fairly new subgenre of vaporwave that sounds nothing like vaporwave. Lots of people for some reason believe Sandtimer invented the genre, but he was actually just the first to gain any traction. The person who really invented the genre is Wolfenstein OS X aka wosX. He invented the genre in September of 2015 with the imaginary collective known as Kroko Krew. One of these fake members is VIT, this is the first hardvapour album in existence.

The sound of this album is very similar to 90s dance music, one of the reasons why I like hardvapour so much. Its like a revival of these older styles. The album is heavily influenced by oldschool gabber/hardcore and techno. Good old sounding kicks combined with drum machine percussion and simplistic rave melodies. It very much sounds like this could’ve come right out of the 90s and its awesome.

Listen and download for free here


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