КОПРО-ПСИХАПАТЫ! is an album by MC VAGINATOR and МЦ ГНИЮЩИЙ АНУС that was released on the label Popsakal in 2016. The genre for this is gore rap. Gore rap is similar to horrorcore but uses grindcore-styled vocals. It also doesn’t have as much of a “set sound” that horrorcore tends to have.

The beats on this are trap and of the hard variety. Beats frequently utilize use of Indian music samples, horrorcore-styled piano, and short dramatic orchestral hits on some of the kicks, the first and last of these elements giving it an almost mainstream sound (along with the style of the beats in general). There is also use of some grindcore percussion in the beats which sound very cool and very unique. Any level resembling mainstream trap goes out the window with the vocals. Lots of pitched down growling, vocals that are a mix of grindcore and rap. The vocals (and of course lyrical themes) are the defining aspect of the genre.

This is an awesome album, listen and download for free here


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