Winter Sleep – Dreams

Dreams is an album by Winter Sleep that was released in 2012 on the label II. The genre for this is vaporwave.

The year is 2001. You just got a game for your PlayStation One. The game (you lost) came out a few years ago but you’re excited to play it. The game is an adventure game where every level is the ice world level. Happy snowmen, beautiful ice castles that glitter in the sunlight, frigid air, and crisp white snow everywhere you go. The experience, the nostalgia of looking back on the game during modern times, is almost dream like. This album is the soundtrack for that game.

This is a vaporwave album that actually feels nostalgic to me. The sound of it fits very well with the games I played as a kid. The intro track even sounds like an old video game logo screen jingle. Beautiful winter/arctic sounding melodies that sound inviting, not distancing, if that makes any sense. This album has a different vibe/sound than lots of other vaporwave, it doesn’t even sound slowed down. Lots of various sounds happen throughout the album which not only help build an atmosphere but sound like PS1 era sound effects drowned in delay. This album reminds me of games I played growing up soooo much and I love it.

Also, this album may or may not be original compositions

Listen and download for free here


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