TRUE DE3 METAL SPLIT is a split by MoSSart & S Kiperr DE3 S released in 2014 on Angry Arnold Records. This EP is NSBM and raw black metal.

MoSSart kicks off the EP with two tracks of pretty dope stuff. The guitars are slow and not much riffs are going on, just various notes being played after each other in slow succession, with the notes going on for long periods. You can have really slow riffs (look at Sunn O))) ) but this doesn’t have that riff sound where things are coherent, if that makes sense. This causes the tracks to have a really unique sound. The drums are fast which sounds really cool with the slow guitar. I really like the vocals on this too.

S Kiperr DE3 S’s side is extremely raw. The rawness sounds like it was recorded on a phone, played at the other end of a stairwell, then recorded with another phone, then letting that play from across a room while they do vocals directly into a microphone. Everything is in a quiet glorious lo-fi mess besides the vocals which are actually really clear for raw. The difference in volume and clarity of the elements may be jarring those not kvlt enough~

Download and listen for free here


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