E.S. Island – テクテクマミー

テクテクマミー is a single released by E.S. Island in 1982 on the label Polydor. The genres for this are synth-pop and new wave. As usual with releases like this I can only find one side on Youtube.

The track I can find is the title track, テクテクマミー, which says “Tech Tech Mommy”. This single has some nice singing done by a male and female singing. The singing has an odd vibe to it, like they’re trying to sound like robots or something. There is some chanting of the “Mommy” part too, most of the vocals are female and the male does back up. The instrumental stuff is mostly bass and drums with little repetitive synth stabs. There are some more obvious melodies throughout though.

This is  fun track, listen to it here


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