Collection Update (And Updates In General)

So its been a long time since I’ve done a collection update. Since I just happen to be doing this on the 1st I’ll start doing collection updates on the first of every month. There’s a lot of stuff so I decided to do it differently this time. It would take a long time to list everything out and there’s too many records to take photos of easily so I decided to do a video. You wont hear my voice but you can hear one of the records being played while I show and don’t tell all the new stuff in my collection. I think I got it all but I have a feeling that I missed something. Lots of this stuff is vintage (mostly 80s but also 70s) and of course, original pressings. All of them have inserts and one even has stickers but it would be such a pain to go through them all, putting them back in their plastic protective sleeves is a huge pain alone.

Here’s the video:

Also, pretty sure I figured out how to do quality recordings of my records. This will open up a lot of posting possibilities since lots of these don’t have many (if any) songs on Youtube. I haven’t put my idea to the test but in theory it should work. They will be uploaded as unlisted and only available on the blog to try to get undetected by Youtube copyrights.

Also, might be starting up a second blog soon. One for my other passion in life, gaming. Will do a quick update for that whenever it happens~

(Also this is the 200th post~!)


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