death’s dynamic shroud.wmv – I’ll Try Living Like This

Ok, I know its late but its not yet midnight here yet so I still made it today.

I’ll Try Living Like This is an album by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv that was released in 2015 on the label Dream Catalogue. I know that I posted something from Dream Catalogue yesterday and I try to space out stuff from the same label, but this is part of the other genre I mentioned yesterday. The other new genre in vaporwave is Nuwrld.

Nuwrld was originally created by death’s dynamic shroud.wmv as a joke on people obsessing over subgenres. It ironically manifested into a more legit subgenre. The genre seems to have two sides to it, synth driven stuff and stuff like this album. This side of Nuwrld pulls elements from other vapor genres such as vaporwave, vaportrap, and future funk, but sounds totally unique from those genres. The manipulation of the samples consists of lots of looping, sometimes rather fast for something vapor related, and sometimes rather reminiscent to screw, but more chopped. The sample material also differs from regular vaporwave, it has an almost k-pop feel to it. There’s what sounds like a mix of original percussion and sampled percussion, and some of the tracks feel like mashups or dreamy club remixes. There’s also use of what sound like mahou shoujo (magical girl, think Sailor Moon) anime sound effects, warped out vocals over other samples, and elements from hip-hop.

This album and genre is really good and has a great sound. Listen and download for free below.


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