Sandtimer – Vaporwave Is Dead

Sorry for not posting lately, I somehow totally forgot.

Vaporwave Is Dead is an album by Sandtimer released on Dream Catalogue at the end of 2015. This album is part of the very new genre, hardvapour. Hardvapour goes in a much different direction than other vapor genres. Its darker and has heavy elements of gabber/hardcore, techno, footwork, and hip-hop. Also most of it is Ukrainian themed. I know that Dream Catalogue isn’t obscure at all in the world of vapor-related music but thought I should start with the most popular release first before posting the obscure stuff. People seem to think this is the first hardvapour album for some reason, but it isn’t.

This is a really nice album and sonically follows a story of someone killing vaporwave and welcoming the new era of hardvapour. The beats range from footwork inspired stuff to hip-hop beats to gabber, often blending these together. The album barely sounds vaporware related at all and only a few tracks represent traditional vaporwave. I see lots of people disliking this new movement because they want it/expect it to be like traditional vaporwave. Hardvapour is a new subgenre exploring new territory, widening the horizon, evolving music. People should be happy that they can see new genres develop, especially ones that sound so different from their origins. Its totally different than other vapor-related genres.

There’s also another new genre and lesser known hardvapour (like its first releases) that I’ll post about soon~

You can listen and purchase below.
No pussies allowed.


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