Es Connexion – Rhythmix

Rhythmix is an album by Es Connexion that was released on TDK Records in 1994. This album is J-pop and euro house.

What’s really interesting about this album is that is sounds like a mix between 80s and 90s music. Singing similar that to an 80s idol, 90s eurohouse melodies and sampling, 80s melodies, 80s guitar here and there, dance beats done with 80s percussion. Some tracks are more J-pop and some are more euro pop, they also mix elements from both genres in both tracks in varying degrees. Singing is in both euro house and J-pop styles. Both styles of tracks are extremely good and I love this album and how it blends 80s elements with a very 90s genre, and then that with j-pop.

Listen to it here (in order of how they appear on the album)


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