Tenouti Yomezou – When My Hair Grows And Reaches Your Length

When My Hair Grows And Reaches Your Length is an album by Tenouti Yomezou that was released on the label Lost Frog Productions in 2005. The genres for this album are noise and scum (a Japanese genre of punk and punk-grindcore, in this case the punk side).

This is an awesome album since it blends the genres scum and noise together, two genres I love. The album is very gritty and dirty sounding, it sounds as if it was poorly recorded, then distorted in post. Punk guitar riffs, cool noise, stuff that sounds like a VHS tape full of sand being played, scum singing (which is awesome!), guitar tuning, abstract and experimental sounds, drums that are somewhere between punk and jazz, and vocals about nonsense; these elements sometimes combined with each other and sometimes on their own. This album is awesome~

Listen and download for free here



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