Kobayashi Yamato – 快い亡霊 OST

快い亡霊 OST is an EP by Kobayashi Yamato that was self-released in 2014. The genre for this is sound track styled music (that sounds similar to vaporwave/possibly vaporwave).

The interesting thing about Kobayashi Yamato is his very dedicated gimmick. The artist claims that he worked for a small game company called SpecterSoft. He was in charge of making music for a game that was meant to be released on Dreamcast, the game being named “Pleasant Specter”. The whole story is too long to repeat here (but you can read it in the download link), but anyways this album was meant to be the music for the game. And he discovered vaporwave music and thought people would be interested in hearing his similar music from his late 90s video game project. Now, if only if any of this was true.

Kobayashi Yamato has gone a long way to try to make himself look credible. Posting an image of the game’s game play, doing an interview with Dream Catalogue, posting a video of a Dreamcast booting up with the SpecterSoft logo/jingle, and of course the long story. One of my friend’s debunked the faux-artist picture, and the project being associated with vaporwave, a genre where lots of people have a theme or gimmick, being a dead give away that its fake.

History lesson over and on to the actual music~!

This is a really nice EP. It really sounds like it could be music for some weird little game. Its unknown to me if these are actually original recordings or if they’re vaporwave. If they are vaporwave, he barely edited them, if at all. The album isn’t chopped & screwed and drowning in reverb like other albums in the genre. The songs are crisp, clear, and even upbeat at times. Really nice melodies and vibes going on, as I said, sounds like it could be from a videogame. There’s also a few pretty cool little jingles, the first one, 妖怪ソフトウェア – SpecterSoft. Logo, sounding pretty legit.

Listen for free and purchase here (background story is under the tracks!)



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