Hrvatski – Swarm & Dither

Swarm & Dither is an album by Hrvatski that was released in 2002 on the label Planet Mu. Hrvatski is known for his unique take on breakcore, drill and bass, and IDM.

Hrvatski’s stuff is very spastic, constantly changing and mismatching drums with a multitude of various effects. His music is ever changing yet consistent at the same time. His breaks are awesome and the amount they mix up in the songs leads for an awesome listening experience. He also takes on a very abstract feel, abstract experimental breakcore and IDM, the two genres being perfectly blended together. His melodies are beautiful and use lots of stuff like guitars. The tracks range from fast-paced breakcore, dope IDM, ambient, and his abstract breakcore. His music is very unique, constantly evolving, breaks that constantly fade in and out of intensity and fractured apart experimentalism drowned in effects and tempo changes.

He’s one of my absolute favorite musicians, listen to the full album here (Also, he remixes Kid606):


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