Yuuko Haii

I’ve been wanting to post about this scene ever since I started the blog but never got around to it, but now I finally am. What is the scene I’m talking about? The scene I’m talking about is the group of musicians, performance artists, poets, and painters who keep the passion for blending performance art and music that Japan had during the 80s alive. The first post about this scene will be about its most known artist, Yuuko Haii.

Yuuko Haii also goes as: YuukoHaii, Haiiyuuko, Haii Yuuko, Youko Heidy, Juuko Haii,  ゆー子廃い, 廃いゆー子, and probably more variations.

The genres they make are noise and Japanese sound poetry. Japanese sound poetry is actually just called sound poetry but I add the “Japanese” to differentiate it from other stuff. Its a cross between experimental music, poetry/ranting, and performance art. Common themes are sex, anti-money, and whatever will piss people off.

Yuuko Haii does both venue performances and as they call it, guerrilla performances. These are performances that take place in public places like intersections, subway trains, anywhere really. Their performances are often lots of ranting and yelling at people with or without a megaphone, but other common actions include: purposely getting arrested, fighting other performance artists, running at people with dildos, cutting them self (and sometimes feeding the blood to others or getting it on people), and bizarre actions like placing money in front of bathrooms.

They also have a good amount of releases on their own two labels as well as a number of various obscure netlabels. They also paint and have released CDrs with bizarre cases, like using an entire dress instead of a jewel case.

Their labels

Also watch some performances and neat videos below~
(You’ll also see someone else who I’ll make a post about in the future in some of these)


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