[MIDDLE SCHOOL MONDAYS] T.Raumschmiere ‎- Radio Blackout

Radio Blackout is an album by T.Raumschmiere that was released in 2003 on the label NovaMute. The album is mostly techno but also has some IDM stuff and a rap track. This was one of the first albums I bought and I got it for like $2 in a clearance bin.

The techno tracks are fun and some of the melodies and synthesizer choice give it a distinct sound, lots of somewhat dirty bass. They’re usually on a simpler side due to his “electronic punk” aesthetic. The IDM tracks are really good.

Also, this will be the final post of the Middle School Mondays series. I can post a lot more to keep it going but since all the other posts for it were turntablism I’m worried that people who dislike the genre will skip over future posts and miss out on stuff. So I’ll just post other middle school era findings as regular posts~

Listen to the full album here



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