Bakbakwalanooksiwae / Famine – Split-Demo 2007

Split-Demo 2007 is a split between Bakbakwalanooksiwae and Famine that was released on Presenile Dementia Records in, you guessed it, 2007. This album is lo-fi black noise (a mix of black metal and noise) and raw black metal.

Bakbakwalanooksiwae is the black noise side of this. Lo-fi noise accompanied by black metal vocals, various samples being ran through effects, and some percussion too. I suspect that at least some of the noise is done with very down tuned guitars. This side sounds much more like noise than it does black metal, and its awesome.

The Famine side is raw black metal. The raw meaning its not clean cut, low recording quality and a more gritty sound than high production black metal. The vocals sound like they’re being ran through reverb which creates an interesting sound. This side is also great and it takes up the majority of the album.

Listen to it here


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