DRAKE 遗事 JOSH / / JOSH 遗事 DRAKE is an album released by MILLENNIAL DREAM CORP. that was self-released in 2014. MILLENNIAL DREAM CORP. were/are an anonymous collective of mostly vaporwave but also vaportrap artists releasing on compilations all under the single name, MILLENNIAL DREAM CORP.

These albums are concept albums about childhood shows after the events are over, and they’re rather dark for vaporwave. The site explains it better but for a short version it takes place in 2038, Drake has committed suicide, and Josh gets very depressed and gets fucked up on drugs listening to 2000s rock and pop trying to recapture his memories.

The music for this album I feel captures the concept very well. Warped and slowed down rock songs melting into lo-fi ethereal “drugged out” tunes. Looping clips of rock songs which would normally sound normal but now eerily dark and artistic due to the concept. Various dialogue and laugh-track samples scattered throughout the tracks taken out of context, sometimes pitched down to the point of being difficult to decipher.

Some tracks are messy and some tracks are neat and clean. There’s some vaportrap beats too. Since this is technically a compilation the tracks have a nice variety, but at the same time go together so well one might think it was a single artist (or at least a split).

This is a great album, listen and download for free here
(Make sure to read the concept story at the bottom before listening!)
(There’s also a track that samples Serial Experiments Lain)


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