A bit of a different post today.

I’m sure followers of this blog have seen that picture with the different layers with genres listed and the lower it goes the genres become more obscure/less-accessible and the listener gets weirder. Rarely I see what someone once called the “troll version” which has an added layer of out there stuff. One of those things is “earthquake waveforms”. While this is a cool name its actually incorrect. The real name is sonifications and that’s what I’m posting about today.

Sonifications are a cross between a genre and a composition method. Sonification artists take information such as weather patterns, the stock market, and of course earthquake waveforms; anything that has graphable data. Then use this to generate sounds or notes that correspond. Of course these can often take on an experimental sound that is not necessary.

Here are some sonifications to check out~!
(Last video might be dangerous for people with epilepsy)


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