Mami Chan – Otonamopée

Otonamopée is an album by Mami Chan that was released in 1997 on the label Saravah. This album pulls elements from circus music, jazz, marching band music, avant-garde, avant-pop, and electronica. But, circus music is very much the most prevalent. As you may suspect this is a fun and quirky album~

This album has such a great sound and vibe to it. Most (but not all) of the tracks have a really uppity sound. Circus melodies being played with both non-electronic (or “real” sounding) instruments and keyboards/synths. Accompanied by either circus or marching band percussion or electronic drumming. Some of the tracks have a slightly darker sound but still sound very circus like. Most of the album is instrumental.

This is an awesome album, you can listen to it here


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