Чак Шульдинер Пидорас & Расчленённая ПугачОва – Split 1

FolderSplit 1 is a split between Чак Шульдинер Пидорас (aka Chuck Schuldiner Is Gay) & Расчленённая ПугачОва (aka Dismembered Pugachova) that was released in 2010 on the label Popsakal. One of my friends who has a good knowledge of the Russian noise scene told me that Dismembered Pugachova was actually a serial killer. Dismembered Pugachova was caught and convicted for seven murders in 2011. The genres for this album are noisecore, noise, and cybergrind. Noisecore is a subgenre of noisegrind. What differentiates it from gorenoise (another subgenre of noisegrind) are the often yelled/screamed vocals, different kind of distortion, and so on.

The Chuck Schuldiner Is Gay tracks are some pretty cool noise tracks. They sound like they’re entirely made out of drumming and vocals, then ran through lots of delay. These tracks have a unique and cool sound, like lots of people playing snare drums while someone dry heaves into a feedback loop.

The Dismembered Pugachova tracks on this are my favorite and are really awesome. They constantly change between grindcore, noisecore, harsh noise, and talking. Lots of reverb and distortion which sounds awesome. He has a more classic grindcore track on here too, but is technically cybergrind.

Listen and download for free here



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