Venta Protesix – ☆Lolicon Noise Star☆

☆Lolicon Noise Star☆ is an album by Venta Protesix that was released on both 16 Shots Per Second Records and Lips Infection, in 2013. The music Venta Protesix creates belongs to the very small genre, Laptop Micro-Autism aka Bruitist Stochasticism, which are obviously some of the coolest genre names ever. This genre (it has two names) is a sub-genre of noise and focuses a lot on micro-looping. Which means taking very small clips of sound then repeating it into high pitch frequencies, odd sounds, skipping CD glitches, and so on, often to the point where the original sound is unrecognizable.

The album is nice and noisy and sounds really glitched out due to all the micro looping and intricate editing. Bits of awesome noise, bits of awesome glitchy beeps, stuttering static, and some anime and hentai samples mixed in. This album is awesome~!

It also has a lolicore/noise remix by CDR

Listen for free and purchase here


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