In With The Old is an album by Sibot released in 2007 on the labels sShadoworkSs and Jarring Effects. This album is a mix of turntablism, (mostly instrumental) hip-hop, trip-hop, and IDM. It was also my jam back in middle school, couldn’t tell you how many times I listened to this in the school library (with headphones of course).

This album has awesome scratching and fun samples. Some of the beats sound like real drumming breaks but either looped or arranged into hip-hop beats. There’s more regular sounding beats too. Could easily be sampled with the break ones, since this is turntablism we’re talking about, a genre almost entirely made out of records. But this album sounds like it has some synths involved too. Who knows, it’s a good album. There’s also elements of IDM present, and some tracks are even IDM.

This is an awesome album, listen to some tracks here~


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