Апорєа – На Рєкахъ Вавл҃нскыхъ

На Рєкахъ Вавл҃нскыхъ is an album by Апорєа that was released in 1988. This is a very interesting and awesome experimental/dark ambient and neofolk album.

The album has very heavy religious themes that 100% carry over into the music. Beautiful church bells which sound really awesome. It also has lots of Gregorian chant stuff. Gregorian chant is the music people had during the Middle Ages, and of course it was all religious. It’s more of long prayer singing than a chant and sounds really pretty. Апорєа combine this with slow and dark music, slow and minimal guitar/percussion.  This album is awesome and beautiful.

Something about the Middle Ages seems really dark, mysterious, and rather off-putting to me. So medieval related ambient/dark ambient/dark music creates such an awesome vibe for me.

Listen to it here


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