Super Moonies – Best Of Super Moonies – Silver Millenium

Best Of Super Moonies – Silver Millenium is an album by Super Moonies released in 2000 on Edel Records. Super Moonies were a German eurodance/eurohouse/europop group entirely themed on Sailor Moon. It was probably meant as some promotional type thing but who knows how effective it was. The group only made music in 1998 and 1999 then put out this Best Of in 2000.

The music is pretty cheesy dance music but I love it. Something about stuff like this from this era is awesome. Awesome synth lines of both cheesy and normal varieties. One of the songs even sounds like the Six Flags theme at times. All the songs are accompanied by Kisu singing. Kisu is the girl who is not Sailor Moon. Actually, the other two members don’t even sing at all their dancers. Songs range from dance tracks to much more down tempo stuff.

Listen to some tracks here (album is 20 tracks so posting quite a bit of videos)


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