Digihad was a thing that existed in the early 2000s. I say thing because I’m not sure if it’s a label, a collective/organization, a website, or the name of a group. Anyways, whatever it is it’s heavily tied to jihad reggae and rap. Yep, that’s reggae and rap made by terrorists. The lyrics are mostly in English because it’s by British artists, but it’s still pure jihad propaganda.


The most known of these tracks produced by them is Dirty Kuffar which is by Sheikh Terra and Soul Salah Crew. It came out in 2004 and as expected it caused controversy. This is a real jihad song after all, not a joke. The song is mostly a reggae/dancehall song that also has some rap parts. The reggae vocals are actually pretty legit despite not being from Jamaica. The lyrics in the rap segments are easier to make out and are full of jihad and terrorist themes.

Listen to Dirty Kuffar here (and watch the music video it’s interesting~!)

Digihad has also released a way lesser known track titled Malcolm X. Malcolm X was a Muslim but I still find it odd that they picked an American to theme a song on. Due to similar style and vocals I believe that this song is created by the same people but it’s attributed to “The Truth Commission”. Maybe to make people think that there’s more people for the cause? This song continues the jihad reggae and rap thing. It also has an insane amount of propaganda in it, seriously pay attention to the lyrics. This song has a more minimal beat but is still excellent.

Listen to Malcolm X here (and like before watch the video~!)

Even if you’re anti-terrorism you have to admit this name is pretty clever.

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