Raymond Scott ‎- Soothing Sounds For Baby Volume III (12-18 Months)

Soothing Sounds For Baby Volume III (12-18 Months) is an album by Raymond Scott released in 1962 on the label Epic. As the title suggests, this is music for babies. But, as the title does not suggest, non-babies can enjoy it too~

The first song, Little Tin Soldier, has a repetitive military snare drum. It’s accompanied by  children’s music melodies that are under a varying amount of delay and echo. It sounds like if you fell asleep watching an old cartoon and the music leaked into the dream and got all warped. The second track, Little Miss Echo, is an ambient track. It’s relaxing, repetitive, and good. The final track, The Playful Drummer, is the longest on the album, 15 minutes of a very repetitive loop with varying vintage synthesizer sounds over it. The name is misleading since it doesn’t sound like drumming at all. Also I think how loud/high pitched some of the sounds are in this song would actually disturb a baby, not soothe.

Also, Raymond Scott invented numerous instruments~

Listen to the album here


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